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Dream Rocket Media is an independent, 360° creative development agency. Which means that we do what we want because we aren’t tied down to a big holding company to answer to. Which allows us to do what we do best: identifying and communicating your brand story. Everywhere your brand lives. From paper to the web, from developing complex collateral that sells your products to brand videos and creating the tools your sales team needs to get the products in store.

We pride ourselves on living in the today but always looking ahead to what will be new tomorrow and empowering our clients with those methods. Staying on trends, fully capable digitally without giving up the brains behind the big picture strategy. An independent agency with an entrepreneurial spirit, we produce the work of a big agency without the headache. And with that, you get it quicker, and more cost efficiently.


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David Royer

Creative and Branding Specialist

With immeasurable creative talent and an extensive imagination, David spearheads the Creative. Bringing a degree in Fine Arts and Computer Science as well as a Masters in Digital Arts and Animation to the table, David leads with a true passion for family, values, creativity, and fun. With more than 22 years experience in design, marketing, web, and video along with many years experience working with non-profit organizations, David founded SAGE Creatives Design Firm as well as the IP Company, Royer Creations Inc.


David recognizes the need for balance and commitment in family and community. This talented man is an illustrator, actor, and writer, having written several kids stories and participated in many Theatre productions, and design and development of props and sets, he has always been “involved”, all the while maintaining his most important position as husband and father.


Nikki West

Content and Communications



Carissa Marshall

Social Media



Joshua Franco

Print and Packaging Specialist


Jean-Marc Robin

Visual and Photography Specialist


Kyle Marshall

Audio and Podcast Specialist

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